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mikiel_fans's Journal

Mike He & Ariel Lin
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Mike He & Ariel Lin Fans

When they were together in LC, it's as if their souls were connected. It's in the eyes.
The looks of pure longing.
Mike and Ariel did such a great job in getting across their desire and need for one another.
And the fear and hesitation that lied underneath all that. They made us
believe in soulmates, however temporarily. The depth and emotion
that both actors were able to convey when they were together is what truly
stands out in LC. What fiercely made this drama worth watching over and over again.
It's also worth noting that many of the scenes and dialogue were improvised
by Ariel and Mike with the encouragement of the director. Surely that helped
make this feel so real and honest. Because it was.

Seventh Grade
SG (2003) touches on issues our generation of kids face in high school. It focuses
on the journey a cheerleadering team embarks on
and the life lessons each member learns. Ariel plays the captain of the team, Ya Li,
while Mike played a secondary character named Xu Liu.

Love Contract
LC (2004) is the story of Xiao Feng (Ariel), a mentally and physically scarred girl
who has grown a shell to protect herself from everything and everyone.
Yet what she wants most is to fall in love.
Mike is Ah Ken, the loner who is blackmailed into pursuing XF
and who eventually falls deeply in love with her.

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